Senior Frontend Software Engineer en Packlink - https://www.packlink.es/ trabajo - Publicado hace 5 meses

✔️ Competitive salary package. We’re looking for the right person. Annual salary offer: Senior from € 45,000 to € 55,000. Staff from € 55,000 to € 65,000 📙 Personal Training Budget. Up to 2000€/year training budget (certifications, conferences attendance…) for investing in your professional development. We want to help you to improve your technical skills, feel involved in the tech community, and develop your soft skills in order to lead teams or manage other stakeholders. 🗺️ Languages classes on a weekly basis. Thirsty of knowledge? Learn a new language by joining our free English/Spanish/French classes. In groups of 4-5 people, you can connect and enjoy learning your favorite language with one of our great coaches. 📈 Engineering Career Path. A career growth plan, created by engineers for engineers. You can check it in our blog (https://medium.com/packlinkeng/the-path-to-our-career-path-8781e4565ae3) 📖 Learning weekly initiatives. Share is caring, join us for our weekly Learning Meetings. Be the driver or the attendant, you choose! 💬 Be an active part of the tech community. Opportunity to attend and participate in local and international technological events. We are doing really cool things and we feel really proud to share them! 👕 Our culture is our aim to be: A young and upbeat work environment. Leave your suit behind; we’re a t-shirt and converse kind of place. 🌍 International environment for developing your cross-cultural skills. A truly international team: 10 languages, 15 nationalities working in the same company. Also, our company language is English and all internal communication and open meetings are in English. 💻 Configure your workstation. Whether you prefer Mac or Linux (or Windows…), 1 additional screen or 2… enjoy your brand-new work from home set-up essentials. 🏡 We like overcoming barriers, bring your talent and work from home. (After COVID situation, now we are fully remote). We are able to look for the best combination of remote and office-days. From 3 days WFH per week up to 3 days per month working in the office with your team we are happy to configure your perfect scheme. ⚖️ Work-life balance. If you have kids or you want to go to the gym at the morning… Your work-life balance is really important for us! Our work-time scheme is flexible and you only need to share your preferences with your manager. We will find the best fit for you! 🏐 Health and Wellness. We care about you! You can choose between the gym membership, physiotherapy sessions or private health insurance, 100% free! Also, we have psychological assistance free of charge. 🏟️ Company events. Work hard, play hard! We do our best every day even in our regular team-building events. Now it will be remote but we hope to come back again! 💰 Flexible Salary. We work with Cobee in order to save taxes with our reflex plan: transport, restaurant and kindergarten. 💸 Great and transparent compensation policy. We included the salary ranges in all job offers in order to be clear about our expectations. In addition, we will discuss this range with you in the first recruiting call to assure that we are aligned.


Work as a member of a team within the larger engineering group to deliver high quality and well-tested code thinking ahead for strategic planning and execution. Actively seek opportunities to improve our products and execute these improvements taking input and guidance from peers. Own the design and delivery of new features and entire components to a successful implementation including non-functional requirements and tuning optimizations, meeting release deadlines. Build components that enables thousands of users to ship across multiple platforms. Mentor other developers to become industry-leading engineers. Deeply code review peer and open-source contributions to the codebase. Champion engineering excellence by promoting best practices, cutting-edge technologies and patterns, and a documentation mindset. Participate in hiring a diverse technical team and on-boarding of engineers.


Work permit for the EU. 4+ years of real, hands-on experience in front-end related work in a professional environment. Experience with component-oriented Javascript frameworks such as React, VueJs or Angular2+. High proficiency in HTML/CSS. Working experience with Sass. Advanced understanding of OOP principles. Experience with VCS like Git or Mercurial. You are not afraid of technical challenges, in fact, you hunger for the impossible. You thrive on coding. Passionate about new technologies and problem-solving. You’re ready to offer fresh ideas. Enthusiastic, self-motivated, proactive, self-sufficient, but also a team-oriented. Highly communicative, you’re able to work with multiple teams: internal and external team members, clients and providers.


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